At A Glance

A brief look at the positions Greg has held. Includes a downloadable PDF. Winner of several journalism and marketing writing awards. Strong business background. Ability to learn quickly. Excellent interviewing skills. Familiar with business, sales and marketing processes. Extensive high-tech experience across wide spectrum of products and industries. Student of history and its lessons.

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Detailed Resumé

A chronological description of Greg LeFever’s career, with emphasis on responsibilities and accomplishments.

  • Journalism - Greg wrote for daily newspapers from 1968 to 1977, winning several newswriting awards from the Associated Press and United Press International and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. He also ran newsrooms in Michigan and Vermont in positions from city editor to managing editor.
  • Marketing Communications - Greg moved to high-tech in 1977 and managed marketing communications departments for companies from start-ups to Fortune 500. He was instrumental in moving companies from print to Web-based marketing and held key positions related to corporate branding, employee communications, and process improvement. His writing and project-management skills garnered several marketing awards.
  • Agency & Freelance – Greg moved from the client side to the agency side in 1999 to help run an innovative marketing-communications agency. He left three years later as a marketing communications freelancer, feature writer, editor and consultant, with clients from sole practitioners to $2 billion corporations. In keeping with his lifelong interest in history, he also is contributing editor toEarly American Life magazine.
  • Affiliations

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A list of several of the writing, editing, and project-management awards Greg has won.

Greg has been honored to receive many awards, some for his writing — both in journalism and marketing — and others for managing creatively successful projects. He has been a Pulitzer Prize nominee and recipient of a special tribute from the Michigan House of Representatives for effective public-service investigative reporting.

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Comments from people Greg has written for and about.

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