“Greg LeFever’s knowledge of business and his writing skills enable him to quickly and accurately capture corporate messages and to communicate them effectively to shareholders and employees alike. From corporate annual reports and extensive environmental pieces to HR materials, Greg has been an excellent writer for us.”
Mary Cohn
Corporate Affairs Manager
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
Nashville, Tennessee

“With his extensive writing and researching skills, Greg is able to rapidly comprehend what we want to say. That means he saves us both time and money on top of delivering an exceptionally well-written product.”
Karen Karger
Manage of Marketing Communications
EasyStreet Online Services
Beaverton, Oregon

“Greg is a delightful and collaborative partner. At Geospiza, he has created effective, compelling customer profiles, which became a key component of our marketing mix. Greg has the rare ability to quickly grasp extremely technical information, and then present it in a way that is understandable to general audiences – while seamlessly communicating key messages.”
Laura Lucas
Vice President of Marketing
Seattle, Washington

“Greg’s article on our home and business was perceptive and impressive. His awareness and knowledge of what was needed to keep our story honest and precise was impeccable. Greg is truly the writer to give this type of article the professionalism it requires.”
Ginny Curry
Lancaster, Ohio
Subject of cover story in Early American Life, Christmas, 2005, “A Passion for Primitive”

“Greg has the ability to quickly grasp complex situations and re-frame them, simply and directly, in a way that promotes problem-solving. Combined with his broad knowledge across many areas, this makes him an exceptionally talented thinker and writer.”
Richard Noland, PhD.
Founder and Chairman
HRCentral Corporation
Salem, Oregon

“I have worked with Greg in both corporate and agency environments. He writes with a passion and keen sense of brevity to deliver superior prose. His editing skills are some of the most honed and perfected I have ever experienced. As an editor, he delves into the heart of a piece, ensuring both clarity and communication. Greg is a writer’s writer.”
Hal Hill
Owner and Executive Producer
Barracuda Digital
Portland, Oregon

“Greg helped improve our corporate website dramatically by distilling a vast amount of information down to the right core messages. I was particularly impressed with his quick mastery of the highly technical details of our services and his ability to develop an effective tone for our niche audience. His concise writing is excellent for websites, as is his organizational ability.”
Alissa Barron Stranzl
EasyStreet Online Services, Inc.
Beaverton, Oregon

“Greg LeFever’s exciting editing greatly enhanced the value of my book. Working with him, I became increasingly aware of the possibilities of the written word. His command of language and of idea organization are nothing short of exquisite. I spent many weeks searching for the right editor for my book and feel very lucky to have found Greg.”
John Hastings
Founder and President
Draw 3 Lines Publishing
Hillsboro, Oregon
Author, The Drawing Breakthrough Book

“Greg is personable, sensitive, and thoughtful. We’d been skeptical about allowing anyone to write about our project for fear of misrepresentation, but Greg was a stickler for accuracy and, despite knowing that we and others had done extensive research, he proceeded to dig further. We were relieved that he really cared about our restoration and wanted very much to reflect our work.”
Wes Newkirk
Cynthiana, Kentucky
Subject of article in Early American Life, February 2005, “Restoring a Kentucky Landmark”

“I can’t imagine anyone being able to write a better article about our home and our lives. People who have read it are calling us and stopping by to visit and they always tell me how much they loved the article. It’s been wonderful.”
Joy Henson
Utica, Ohio
Subject of article in Early American Life, June, 2004, “Living History on the Ohio Frontier”

“Greg has the ability to take complex technical information and turn it into easily understandable text with unusual speed and accuracy. Whether it’s a corporate backgrounder, an executive bio or a customer case study, the tone of his writing effectively supports the sales process.”
Penny Leavy
Cofounder, VP of Sales & Business Development
Cenzic Corporation
Santa Clara, California